Sales has always been a vital part of our organization, and plays a big role in ALL functions. We want to invest in our people, and make sure we give you a solid foundation and an ideal development path for the rest of your career.


The International Sales Management Academy will provide well-structured and detailed on-boarding and training program allowing you to try yourself in different functions within the company before starting on your journey as a B2B Sales Manager in our company. This way you will be able to gain deep understanding of the business and product from various perspectives. 


We care about our people and want to offer you the possibility to be the best you can be. The Academy provides an extensive sales training and leads to a managerial role, with thorough leadership coaching. This is an exceptional opportunity for a career focused graduate!


Now you can apply for the Academy's August onboarding in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki or Berlin!


Extra Bonus!

During your training program at the Academy you will also have a chance to participate in an international 3-6 months office exchange to one of our European locations!


What Our Past Graduates Say About the Academy?

"Working in an international company with coworkers from all over Europe is really one of the best things about Management Events and the International Sales Management Academy. As part of my training program with the Academy, I was working from our Amsterdam office for 2,5 months during this fall. In Amsterdam I got to be part of the local team as well as take part in the biggest local event. I have gotten to utilize and develop my skills by working in two different sales functions within the company already during my training with the Academy.  As an Academy Trainee, I got the chance to evaluate my strengths and challenge myself daily and utilize all my learning in my current role as a Customer Success Manager, working with both local and international partners," Ida-Mari, Customer Success Manager & Team Commitment Officer, Helsinki.


  1. "Management Events is a great environment to develop yourself, get to know different teams and roles within the company. As well as it has a great company culture with young people excited to create and develop new ideas! You're continuously in contact with interesting people from different disciplines. If you're interested in sales and building content, the Academy is a good opportunity for you," Donna, Project Coordinator, Amsterdam


  1. "The International Sales Management Academy program is very individual because you get to decide your career path. This is really positive since you can both challenge and develop in the field you choose yourself, as the Academy offers the opportunity to try out all the different departments and then if you like one department more you can choose to stay there and develop further," Josephine, Sales Management Trainee, Stockholm


"I think that the Academy path is a very comprehensive learning experience to ensure the best possible outcomes and for me it works perfectly. I feel confident and happy and the best thing is that we really can influence where we are heading. I have learned a lot during this year and I feel that because of the Academy my start in sales was fast and I have been able to succeed even though I didn't have any previous experience in sales," Katariina, Sales Manager, Helsinki


Learn more about the roles and responsibilities you will take on during your time at the Academy and how they will help you grow your skills.



From here you can download more information regarding the topics and modules and different career paths the Academy will offer you.

The 5th Academy Onboarding starts in August 2021